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Tech Bits: Three Quick Google Search Features

Google is convenient for finding information. You type in the search bar a topic and get thousands of results in seconds. But did you know there are Google Search features that can make searching easier? Here are three helpful search features.

Right-Click, or Control Click, to Search Google

Reading an article and want to learn more about a topic in it? If using Google Chrome, search for more information on that topic without going to the Google homepage. Just highlight the word or topic you would like to search more on, right-click (PC) or control click (Mac) and then click Search Google for. You'll then be taken to Google in a new tab with results relating to the topic you highlighted.

Search for Multiple Words or Phrases at Once

Did you know Google can handle doing multiple searches at once? For example, say you want to visit a park in the city, then grab lunch afterwards at a nice restaurant in-town. To help you plan, and find recommended parks and restaurants, searching phrases such as "Parks in Philadelphia" OR "Restaurants in Philadelphia," will search for pages related to both. Note that the two words, or phrases, you are searching must be in quotation marks in order to use this feature correctly.

Search a Specific Site without Leaving Google

This feature is great if you have a project that requires citing articles or content from only credible websites. For example, if you were looking to do a report on Russell Conwell with content only coming from Temple websites, just type in Russell Conwell site: and Google will search for content on Russell Conwell only from websites.