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Tech Bits: Explore the TUSafe App's Safety Features

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Last month, Temple University launched a one-touch personal safety app, TUSafe, as a replacement for the Temple Guardian app. 

The new app has enhanced safety features that allow you to directly connect with Temple University’s Department of Public Safety. With TUSafe, you can make emergency calls, use a "panic button" to call and send your location to Public Safety, initiate a virtual walk home with a friend, family member or Public Safety, chat with Temple police to report a crime or incident, request walking escorts and check the current location of Flight shuttles, and more.

Installing the App 

The TUSafe app is available for both iPhone and Android. See detailed installation instructions on the TUSafe webpage.  

Make an Emergency Call

Emergency Call Icon

You can use the TUSafe app to quickly place an emergency phone call using the Emergency Call feature. When you tap Emergency Call, you can quickly call 911 or the Department of Public Safety.

Use the Panic Button

Panic Button Icon

The Panic Button lets you quickly call and share your location with Temple’s Department of Public Safety in the event of an emergency. Note that this feature is available only within the Main Campus or Health Sciences Center patrol zone. If you are not in the patrol zone, please call 911.

Initiate a Friend Walk

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The Friend Walk feature allows you to send your location to a friend or family member so they can virtually walk you to your destination. They can track your journey using your phone’s GPS and trigger a call to Public Safety or 911 if needed.

Initiate a Virtual Walk Home

Virtual Walk Home Icon

Similar to a Friend Walk, you can also initiate a Virtual Walk Home with the Department of Public Safety. Your location will be tracked and monitored by a Public Safety dispatcher until you reach your destination. Note, this feature is only available within the Main Campus or Health Sciences Center Patrol Zone.

Report a Tip

Report a Tip Icon

You can submit a tip about a crime using the Report a Tip button. With this feature, you can use the In-App Crime Tip to submit a short form or chat with Public Safety using the Real-Time Tip Report to Dispatch option.

Send an "I'm OK!" Message

Safety Toolbox Icon

In the event of an emergency, you can quickly send your location and notify your friends and family that you are safe by using the "I'm OK!" feature in the Safety Toolbox. This feature allows you to email your location and send a prefilled message to recipients of your choosing.

For information about additional TUSafe features and complete instructions, visit our TUSafe webpage