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Tech Bits: Create Your Personal Booking Page with Bookings With Me

Tech Bits: Create Your Personal Booking Page with Bookings With Me

Looking for a better way to schedule meetings and appointments with your colleagues or office hours with students? Bookings with me is a personal scheduling page that integrates with your Outlook calendar for hassle-free scheduling. Bookings with me allows people to schedule 1:1 meetings with you based on your availability and meeting preferences.

Customize Your Booking Page

To customize your personal booking page, visit the Bookings with me page. When logging in, make sure to use your AccessNet email address and password.  

Bookings with me enables you to create public and private bookable time with unique names and purposes. Public meetings on your booking page will be visible to everyone. When creating a public meeting, you will have the option to append a link to your personal booking page to your Outlook email signature. Private meetings will be available only to people with a link to the meeting. 

  1. To create your first meeting type, click + next to Public or Private.
  2. Fill out the details of the meeting according to your preferences. You can customize your meeting by:
    • Setting a location or making the meeting a Microsoft Teams meeting,
    • using custom availability for preferred meeting time,
    • adjusting timing preferences, including buffer time before and after meetings and setting lead time to avoid last minute meetings, and
    • creating email reminders that will be sent to the person that booked time with you before the meeting begins and follow up emails to collect feedback or reminders to book another meeting.

After creating public meetings, you can share a link to your personal booking page by clicking the red Share button on the top right of the page. Your booking page will only display public meetings.
You can also share a direct link to a public or private meeting: 

  • From your booking page, click the ellipsis (...) on the top right of the meeting you want to share, and select Share.
  • From the Share meeting type pop-up, you can copy the link to your meeting or share via email by clicking the Email button. If you’re sharing a private meeting, you can select the option to make the link valid for only one booking. 

To learn more about Bookings with me, visit the Microsoft Support webpage.


For questions, please contact the Technology Support Center at (click Chat or Request Help) or call 215-204-8000.