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Tech Bits

Tech Bits: Bolster Your Resume with LinkedIn Learning

Ready to improve your skills or learn something new? LinkedIn Learning provides thousands of instructional videos and training on business, creativity and technology topics taught by industry experts. 

Getting Started 

To access LinkedIn Learning, go to TUportal, and under TUapplications, click LinkedIn Learning. If you are logging in for the first time, you may be prompted to connect your LinkedIn profile. While this step is optional, it provides customized course recommendations and the opportunity to share your training interests with your organization and/or LinkedIn network.

Browse by Career Goals

Looking to get more training in your field? Browse by career paths that may be relevant to your career goals. On the top left of the LinkedIn Learning homepage, click Browse. Then, select a category from the left navigation menu:

The Role Guides at the top of the page will provide foundational content to help you get started. This includes top courses for your selected role, suggested skills (which you can add to your LinkedIn profile), in-depth learning paths and LinkedIn communities of peers to join. You may also see courses that help you prepare for certification exams, such as the Adobe Certified Associate exams.

View Your Learning Library

Access any training videos you saved for later by clicking My Learning on the Toolbar at the top right of the page. In your library, you can see completed courses, courses in progress, saved courses or learning paths, and access learning collections you have created.

To set learning goals, under My Learning, click the My Goals tab. Keep yourself motivated by setting weekly learning goals and follow skills that you’re interested in learning more about.

Add Course Certificates to Your LinkedIn Profile

Show off your training accomplishments by adding certificates to your LinkedIn profile! Once you complete all course content, you will be prompted to download your certificate and add it to your LinkedIn profile. When you click + Add to LinkedIn profile, you can add skills associated with the course and optionally create a post about your accomplishment. Then click Add to Profile.

If you prefer to add certificates to your profile later, you can return to your completed courses by clicking My Learning and, under My Library, clicking the Learning History tab. Then, click the ellipsis (•••) next to Share, and select + Add to Profile.